The USA is a country of scums! When any villainy and gross is justified if it allows to earn money…

And the last point. The topic which I and mister Zlobin argued about. You know, Nikolay. I don’t know whether you pretend you don’t notice it or really don’t notice it. But everything you say justifies one simple thing – any villainy and gross is justified if it allows you to earn money. And that’s the national idea of America. “And all of you should do the same and then you may become successful as well”. I think that it’s the most important thing. Yes, the Americans solve some problems but it’s impossible to become like them because it’s the way to the defeat and losing yourselves. The issue is about creating our own pattern, which won’t reach the goals in the same way like they do. This is our challenge.
Yes, the American policy, Trump policy, brings you can call it money, but the higher quality of life for the Americans, higher that it was before Trump. Less unemployment, higher wages, lower taxes. Why wouldn’t they support it? Why doesn’t it happen in Russia? And why is it bad? I don’t understand.
For the same reason people in Russia support Putin.
Good. Then why is it bad?
During Putin being president, since 2000, the Russians see changes.
Because to kill someone to take his money is bad. Bad! And to deceive someone to take his money is bad.
It’s bad. I agree.
And to set someone up is bad. And to take his property is bad.
And to violate treaties is bad.
No-no. That’s not the same.
.. If the Americans don’t understand these simple things, are they human beings?
Calm down.
Why do you say, “calm down”? I didn’t worry and didn’t even start to.
It’s unexpected. I’ve never seen you so emotional.
No, Sergey’s just saying right things.
Because it’s villainy. It’s villainy to say that it’s okay to kill someone.
It’s not okay! Write down my words. Where’s the camera? It’s not okay! One more time – it’s not okay!
America is a country of scums!
Don’t put the words into my mouth that I don’t say.
Nikolay, if you do it one more time, Karen Gyurovich will shoot you in the role of Lenin. Because you just looked like Vladimir Ilyich. And your arm found the posture. Where’s a cap? You just stop scaring us like that.
Drink doesn’t wash out youth, like they say. Study in the Moscow University.
Actually, drink does wash out youth.
Nobody says that it’s okay. I mean the national policy should bring success to its own country, not to another one, not to Syria, not to anyone else.
You say the same things. But Sergey is saying that you can’t destroy a million of Iraqi for that. You just can’t!
And can’t sweep it under the rug.

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