The sin becomes the very foundation upon which the new society is being constructed


Russia is one of the very few countries where
the state ideology is effectively banned by the constitutional.
Nevertheless a great deal of disagreements exists around this question.
On one hand the history has numerous examples when
the state ideology becomes bankrupt causing the state to collapse.
On the other hand the question remains who, when and how
should formulate the core goals and the ideas for the society as a whole.
Can the society exist without an ideology?

As we know: The Nature abhors a vacuum.
What fills the void left by a missing ideology?
Ironically, in that very constitution, the ideological principles are still outlined.
For example: the social orientation of the state,
the democratic freedoms are all postulated there.

But now we have entered a new phase
where the country has changed,
the people are different,
their understanding is different.
But the grand idea is missing.


In my very subjective opinion, the ideology did not vanish,
it transforms, takes on a new forms.
But it always remains in one form or another.
Do you really think that we had no ideology in the nineties
Just because we had some constitutional amendment?
Of course it existed. It was very straightforward and was interpreted simply.
Right now, in my opinion, we are talking about
and are in the process of creating a new ideology,
a more supple, less rigid ideological model for Russia.

This quest is inevitable and I am sure sooner or later
it will be successful.

Why? Because “ideology” is one of the preconditions
for existence of any human society.
At least in its modern reiterations.
Especially, when a political organization in the form government,
is the integral part of it. Country can not exist any other way.

No such country exists on the globe presently.
Throughout world history no country without ideology ever existed.
Ideology is one of the preconditions for existence of a more or less functional society.
And the government is simply one of the forms of the social organization.

Concerning the form of the future.
Those of us, who remember, know how we were fed up
with the very rigid form of the Soviet ideology.
Its overwhelming domination all but doomed
any attempts of finding any other form of ideology.
But the search for it is on, though. Because, even if most of us
deny it openly, on the intuitive level we are still longing for it.
That is the reason why are we discussing this question here and now.
Because most of us possess some kind of ideology,
have a an idea of what it should be like
and understand why it is so necessary.

Now about the image of the future.
Why I am talking about a new “supple model” of ideology.
Because we just heard here that:
“Russia does not have a vision of the future,
this is why it casts its sights toward its past,
that is why Russia keeps on going back to the times of its glory — the World War 2”.

Not at all. Everything is a lot more complicated than that.
The truth is that within a very short historical period Russia
has attempted to form two very distinct models of its future
and both of these models eventually collapsed.

During the Soviet period one of the most detailed
and well defined visions of the future in human history was formulated.
Most states never had anything even close to such definition.
This vision was based on the scientific research and
a number of higher institutors were working on its development.
But in the end it was bankrupted. For a number of reasons.
During the liberal 90s, even though it was declared — “No more ideology”,

A very primitive, simplistic and cartoonish
vision of the future was formulated.
Everyone present here should remember it,
in a nutshell it stated that:
“from now on, everyone will eat and sleep to their heart’s content, etc., etc.,
because now we have finally joined the great union of nations”.
But even this model went bankrupt as well.
Objectively, it went bankrupt in the eyes of the elites
as well as in the eyes of the large portion of the population.
That is why the search for a new alternative model has begun.
And at this moment we embraced the experience of the Great Patriotic War (WW2)

Why? Because in our recent memory, it was the only experience
which consolidated very different kinds of people in the fight for their Motherland.
It is all very simple.
In this experience the spiritual and materialistic aspects
uniquely merged into one.
Nowadays when the image of the future is being discussed
only materialistic aspects are considered.

But the man is not an animal.
He can not exist only in the material sphere.
Even if he were to deny everything: the religion,
the history, the ideology, everything.
Nonetheless, in reality, some set of ideas and spiritual values
will remain within each and everyone of us.

The spiritual, or value based, call it as you wish,
component of an ideology is extremely important.
That is why we turned to the Great Patriotic War,
because this historic experience signifies three things:
the life or death struggle itself,
the fight for the living space — the materialistic part,
and the third, the self-sacrifice in the name of the Good over Evil triumph.
It was a natural decision,
not because we had no other place to turn to,
or because it was deliberately cooked up
in the bowels of the present administration.

It was an intuitive decision!
And it was a correct one!
The question is: would we be able to build upon it
and can we create an ideology which will guide us into the future.
As a matter of fact, it is being shaped as we speak.
And the guiding principles which worked back then,
will also work in the future.
But here we are faced with purely practical considerations:
Can the present social elites rise to the occasion?
To the high bar of idealism which was set by that Great Patriotic War experience.
It is a considerable problem.

It is definitely possible to stir up the masses by using the example that experience.
But in fact, there is no need for any outside prodding,
these masses get stirred up on their own.
Because almost everyone has a portrait of grandfather
or a father who has perished or was maimed in that war.

The question is about the adequacy.
Very often when Russian people talk about fairness, they do not mean “money”.
“Take from rich, give to the poor” or something like that.
They talk about equal responsibility in the face of those lofty ideals
which have to guide the country into the future.
And presently this commodity is in short supply, to put it mildly.



But many countries, historically, went through the experience of defending their Motherland.


It is the question of the ability to apply these acquired values to the future.
For one thing, I do not think that many countries,
which at some point in their history, also rose to defend themselves
have managed to preserved these values.
Many of them have squandered them.
But the main objective is in preservation of them and building upon them.
Presently, many of these countries, which at some point in their history, stood up to defend themselves, are simply not capable of repeating it again.

Because they have buried these values as some kind of useless throwback.


Majority of all countries were formed
around the idea of national liberation or their victory in the war.
And their initial ideology was based on that.
If you take the United States for example;
its ideology was based on rejecting the Great Britain’s experience.

There is a big difference between the Great Patriotic War and all other wars.
Because then it was a matter of overcoming Evil on the global scale.

It was not just a matter of getting from under
the domination of some King or a some colonial state.
We are talking about standing up to the man-hating ideology
which threatened the whole world.

That what gave this war such tremendous scale.
That is why it is being remembered in such a way.

I did not want to react to this one, but now I think I’ll have to.

About “personality”.

“Personality” can be formed only within a social context.
It emerges only within some social context.
To a great degree it is shaped by the society.
A human being left on the North Pole, most likely will not develop a “personality”.
It has been proven many times over; we can talk about Mowgli syndrome.

About the Empire and the government.
Neither Empire nor their governments have an absolute value for the Russians.
These are only the means of survival and existence within the historical process.
There are a number of reasons for it.
Because the number of the mortal threats, which Russian people
had to face throughout their history, was exceedingly high.
Only a strong government could have repelled them all.

And second. By way of such organizations people were seeking
a just way of realizing their aspiration and their ideals.
It might not have been possible to accomplish it by any other means
during this particular historical periods.
Presently as well, it might be impossible to do it in any other way.

And the third. About the religious notions.
They are extremely important and we can not do without them.

Because all our values, including the Western transformative values,
came to us by way of religion. There is no denying this fact.
What is unique about the Western World in that respect?
The West World is attempting to reject all the world religions and the notion of sin.
In the Western World — sin no longer exists.
What’s more, the sin becomes the very foundation
upon which the new society is being constructed.

This is rejected by the vast majority of the people.
Not only by the Russian Orthodox, but by the Muslims and by the European Catholics.
It is a very serious conflict.
The sin has become the new religion, the very goal
and the very foundation which is supposed to legitimize the Western society.

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