The main American idea is about the fact that the one is right, who is richer

Sergey, does the dream of the American guys come true? To achieve what they’ve been eager since, as they think, the Russia defeat in the cold war, when they didn’t finish off and couldn’t reform the UN Security Council. Then they would confirm their victory diplomatically.

Why does it come true? They want it to come true. But it depends mostly on us whether it happens or not. But. Concerning their aspiration… Of course, they want to enact, as they believe, their actual victory in the cold war. But that victory… it was very strange. They succeeded, but didn’t win, in my opinion. We lost but didn’t suffer a defeat. The situation was quite difficult. And it’s still difficult. But. Of course, the Americans need the United Nations, which will legitimatize their global expansion, they don’t need another organization. Either it should work for the American idea, or it shouldn’t exist at all, and we shouldn’t pay attention to it. But it’s impossible not to pay attention to it at all, that’s why they should reform. And how?

It’s necessary to reform it so that the Americans have ascendency and push any decisions. For example, I just fantasize. To change the voting mechanism in the UN Security Council, extend it impossibly, involve their allies there as many as possible and change the veto power approach. Let’s say, to impose a possibility of overcoming the veto power. For example, a country imposes a veto, but it can be overcome by a majority of votes. If the Americans involve many their allies, that’s it, we or the Chinese may impose a veto, but they will overcome it by a majority of votes. Democracy.

Concerning the UN Security Council organizing principles, I think, they can easily end up with their favourite approach of the level of GDP. They talk about it very often. And in fact, the main American idea is the following: the one is right, who is richer. By the way, this is not only American idea, but the idea of many friends of the USA in our country. The one is right, who has the larger GDP. How this money was earned, honestly-not honestly, what the historical retrospective view is, what’s behind it – it doesn’t matter. The one is right, who has more money. And that will be further. Where is our country with its GDP? It’s somewhere there. “That’s good, and stay there. You will have the veto power, and we will overcome it by a majority”. I think that, in fact, this is the American idea. The one is right, who is richer. During a particular historic period of time they’ve become rich, and money talks. If you’re rich, the truth, historical truth, the violence, and etc. right are followed you.

I just fantasize, but the Americans need such a reform of the UN and the Security Council, when they could not have any problems with the legitimization of any their own campaign. Otherwise, if it doesn’t work, they will come back to what they did towards many countries: organize an alignment of so-called civilized countries, civilized world. And say: “okay, the UN decides there, but here we have our coalition, it will legitimize all these things”. But in fact, it depends on us whether it happens or not. I don’t think that the dream of the American guys comes true.

And on China.

On China, as well. Because, in my opinion, for China it will be the unwelcome prospect to be left alone with this club led by the Americans.

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