News environment is in charge. People are brought up among the mass-culture cliches

The USA stokes tensions by the menaces of tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran. Trump doesn’t want to show the weakness, which in his opinion, provokes a nuclear war. Pompeo accuses Iran of lying. Giuliani is talking about the regime change in Teheran. At the same time the USA freezes funding of the suitable for the West White Helmets in Syria. In this context the Americans worry more about competition of the hyperpowers with Russia, which according to NATO, tries to change the global order, based on the Western type of liberal democracy. Dive into self-reproducing anti-Russian prejudice continues.

Talking about the sense, nothing has changed. Talking about the tools, something has changed. We see how the information age is in charge. The one who has global information networks, can force any order of business. That is the first point.

The second point. Brains of many people, including people in the West, are well-prepared for it. It’s strange, but the paradox of the 21st century (as well as it was in the 2nd half of 20th century) is common education, ability to read, write and use a calculator combined with deep ignorance… Total ignorance. It’s paradoxical, but this is one of tendencies… It seems like everybody can press buttons. Everybody can read and write. But with that, sometimes the level of ignorance spills over.

If we talk about the particular situation towards Iran. It’s enough to massively spread the information about what Iran has done. Where is it? It’s somewhere there… In the Middle East. If it’s there, then it can be involved in it. Is Iran an Islamic state? Yes! Shia or Sunni – who will go into details? Is Iran an enemy for the USA and their allies? Yes! Iran militates in Syria… That’s it! It’s enough to accuse Iran of anything you want! The same situation with Russia… They do it in Ukraine in the same way.

These are the information simulacra. Simulation module approaches, which are applied to total ignorance of people, they work very effectively. This paradox of education and ignorance is generated by the modern mass culture. Where a person, a) perceives everything during a short period of time; b) perceives by the stamped text modules or sometimes by the images which are penetrated into his head. And he thinks in videos and graphic novels from the childhood. It’s in the West. We have a little bit different nurture and education. It had some disadvantages. But a lot of our people had very high-quality standard of it.

But we should understand that many people in the world, first of all, in the USA, were brought up and educated in a different way. They grew up on it from a young age… On those images, graphic novels, on the simplest schemes. On the simplest patterns. If we divide fairy tales and not fairy tales: there’s a fairy tale and a true story – life experience… Then in the West there are hundreds of millions of people who don’t discern appearance and reality. They care about something that is totally technological, bright, delivered into people’s heads in time and massively. And the current technologies, all sorts of devices contribute to this.

Talking about the senses, both the capture of Texas and the subjection of Ukraine are the same thing. But technologically, instrumentally it acquired a different quality. Moved to a new quality of perversion. That’s why I think that they will develop this issue about Iran.

The situation concerning Iran and the menace of pulling out of the deal reminds of the situation with North Korea. The negotiation process was frozen mostly because of the USA. That was the USA who did everything to freeze the negotiations, and that all switched into the war of words. How that turned out? We see… It’s a quite strange situation where Kim Jong-un beat the Americans, in my opinion, reaching out to South Korea. The Americans are trying to take credit for it. What will happen to Iran? The same situation isn’t likely to happen to Iran, but the beginning is quite similar.

And the last point concerning Iran. This situation will have a bearing upon us. Of course, our foreign policy goals and the foreign policy goals of Iran don’t coincide. They are not the same. They don’t coincide even in Syria. It’s clear. But strategically there are some directions where we have to follow the same course. Moreover, Iran is our neighbour. Yes, we don’t have a land border anymore. But have a sea border in the Caspian Sea. That’s why destabilization in Iran and transfer of the tension centre into Iran or that region is highly undesirable for us. And it can be one of the goals of the show towards Iran now.

I continue with my thought about PR and the news environment. Why do they connect Iran to the Twin Towers? Rudely, silly and cynically. Because it’s emotionally significant for the American wide public. They don’t remember when World War II was or when the American Revolutionary War was… What tragedy, connected to the mass fatality, has happened in life of today’s generation? It’s those Twin Towers! They’ve been using this tragedy to their advantage since it happened. They always sell this grief.

Moving forward from this sketchy and confusing situation, they declared an expansion under the slogan of counter-terrorism in the world. Which we supported, by the way. And apparently, we were right to support it. But it cannot go unnoticed that the Americans cynically availed of it just to intervene in many countries. And now we see chaos in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and in many other countries. They would bring all this stuff in Iran, too.

They sell it! Why? Because in the current news environment, in this picture, in this Hollywood cartooned mass culture – this is the moment when a viewer must cry. When he should have a lump in the throat. When he should justify everything that happened. And that’s it! It’s the simplest mass-culture pattern. And that’s what they’re doing. That’s why the news environment is in charge. They made people get used to it.

When I talked about the mass ignorance, I didn’t mean the elite who knew it well and understood it… I talked about hundreds of millions of ordinary people who legitimatize everything that the USA and their European allies do. They appeal to the multitude. And these people are brought up among the mass-culture cliches. And the easiest way to appeal to them is through these module cliches. They are said: “Look here!” And he’s already hung on their words… After that you can do whatever you want… Is Iran guilty? Yes, it’s Iran! A test tube? A test tube is okay! Everything you want… A viewer stands up and cries! He comes out of the hall and goes to eat his burger… And at this time strike aircrafts fly to bomb everything they need. That’s it…

That’s how it’s done. Cynically. Not our style. We can’t understand it because in our cultural patterns it’s indecent. Or mean. Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s normal for them.

Our problem is that after the collapse of the USSR we believed and started to assure the others that it was what it was. Our problem mostly is that in the post-Soviet area, in many former Soviet Union countries a big layer of people who started to think in the same way has been formed. That’s why when in the 1990s we presented all the foreigners as demigods, now the large number of people believe them. We shouldn’t be surprised that in some former Soviet Union countries there are the groups of elite or young people who say: “if an American information service reported it, then it’s true”. “If they say that they will help us, then they will help us!” Unfortunately, we fell for it ourselves.

Concerning the issue that we should promote our concept which is alternative to the American world order. Basically, we should. But, firstly, a) it should be studied systemically and deeply, secondly, b) we can’t do it because of our involvement in the current world order in which we dived without trousers… We would have developed something! But we got stuck in everything there. What was discussed concerning possible financial sanctions: “It’s impossible! What do you mean? Financial sanctions? Against us? Tie up our money? It’s over our heads… You probably didn’t graduate from Cambridge or a London university, didn’t read a modern book… It couldn’t happen because it will never happen!”

Sergey, we have a shared problem. Just like you hide that your English is great, you graduated from the English specialized school, it’s hard for me to hide what’s written that I didn’t studied there, I taught there. But not in those schools.

Someone should storm Washington to change the world order…

I can imagine tomorrow’s headlines. That’s it…

Excuse me, British Empire collapsed without someone stormed London…

But it’s quite difficult to do it.

Concerning Iran. Firstly, we said that in such a way they want to make the Iranians go away from Syria or Yemen. In my opinion, this is complete nonsense because the Iranians intervened there before the nuclear setting in. They were there before, and Hezbollah was there before. They won’t go anywhere. Pulling the USA out of the deal won’t make Iran move back, retreat or give up. This won’t happen not because I think that Iran is an invincible country. But the logic of Iran policy of the last decades won’t let them do it, even if they want to.

Concerning the attack on Iran. Do you think that the USA is ready to launch a strike on Iran? The military strike on Iran won’t happen because it was discussed several times, it’s firstly. Secondly, concerning this strike, what will this strike give? The same 105 missiles like it was in Syria? Then what? The ground invasion? The Americans aren’t capable of it! This won’t happen. In Syria they can’t fully protect their own interests.

I say one more time. This situation will embroil us into this, as well. And the Chinese will have a bearing upon this, too. On the one hand, let’s be realists, on the other hand – let’s be immune to the American informational constructs: “The Americans will launch a strike on Iran…”. If they could do it, they would have done it a long time ago. They’re doing towards Iran everything they can do. They’re doing it now. They consider the pulling out of the deal in the same way. The Americans are absolutely not ready for the military operation towards Iran. Although, of course, anything could happen…

Concerning the European allies. This situation involving Iran will impair to the European allies. This is a good example of how the Americans treat their allies. We often hear from our opponents that Russia doesn’t have any allies, and America has plenty of them. They need allies to wipe with them if it’s necessary and make these allies to work for America. That’s what allies they are.

Concerning China. Usually we have two extreme points of view: China is ready for the confrontation with America or China isn’t ready for the confrontation with America. It’s clear that such mosaic patterns don’t exist in reality. China will balance, of course. But the tendency is about the escalation of the potential tension in prospect between America and China, that can’t be settled by any negotiations about trade tariffs. And it won’t.

Yes, China will search for a particular behaviour pattern because they don’t need confrontation today, but they also won’t adapt to America within the American offer: “Let’s share this world with each other, but we will be leading?” That’s why it’s absolutely clear that China will be moving between the two sides tacking either to the right or to the left.

Concerning the world order. The world order is determined neither by us, nor by the Americans. This order was established at the creation of the world and it isn’t changing in its meanings or in its essence. Tools, resources, technologies are changing – it’s about beliefs.

It’s not about the world order, but about establishing your own order of business. “Let’s establish our own order of business!” I don’t even believe in it. Because we’re involved in this situation, in this world order voluntarily. That’s why we can’t establish our own order of business.

The point is to strike a happy medium which serves our interests, mitigates risks and sometimes makes us react strictly, not like that: we’ll storm Washington, or we’ll adapt to the Americans. This is not an option.

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