Kim Jong-un showed himself up as a more flexible and more advanced politician than Donald Trump

On to our next topic. In the declaration, which was published following the results of the summit of Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in, the leaders of North and South Korea declared cease of hostile actions towards each other, intention to turn armistice of 1953 into a peace treaty and denuclearisation of the peninsula. It was given in the official declaration, which was distributed last Friday following the results of the summit of leader Kim Jong-un and president Moon Jae-in. In this regard, leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un declared that the Korean people are united and shouldn’t be enemies. Moreover, both Koreas declared determination to get started the process of the nuclear crisis resolution.

And of course, first of all, in Washington they said that they should take credit for it, it was the victory of Trump, diplomacy, the Secretary of State, everybody in the world.

And the Americans are mostly… and it’s ridiculous, what you call “jokes mixed with tears”. The Americans are the hostages of their own blown-up global-leader position. They just can’t help saying they take credit. If something prominent happens somewhere, of course, they should run there and say that they take credit for it. In my opinion, the situation is opposite. It’s to make the best of a bad business. Kim Jong-un diplomatically beat the United States of America. We talked about this in our show. This is obvious. At first, he levelled up the tension incredibly, showed that he was ready to stick to guns and nothing could stop him, because that was the Americans who did everything to make this negotiation process which preceded that tension, when the situation on the Korean peninsula was quite peaceful. The Americans did everything to stop this negotiation process and they began to escalate tension. And Kim Jong-un took up challenge, he went for escalation of the tension. He raised this tension bar to the maximum. He said straight “I’m ready to launch nuclear missiles at the territory of the USA. I’m waiting for you, Americans. Where are you?” After that there was a long speech by Trump about the fact that “Kim Jong-un is a whelp”, that he would wipe North Korea off the map, and three carrier groups would be in alert. The result is “big nothing”, just “big nothing”. In this context, after threatening again with launching the missiles, Kim Jong-un came forward with a political initiative, and it was addressed to the South Koreans, not to the Americans. This step is very simple, but absolutely winning, 100%, because the South Koreans don’t need any war. Despite the US patronage, of course, it’s profitable for them to make terms with North Korea somehow, because it’s a guarantee that there will be no war. They don’t need a war at all. The conversation about that the Americans will protect them… I think, that they don’t lie to anyone in South Korea, and they don’t need such protection. It’s clear that they would die first. And Kim Jong-un beat them. Yes, you can talk all you want that it’s not so obvious how this situation will develop. Yes, it’s not obvious. Yes, this step by Kim Jong-un isn’t absolutely winning. Of course, he will have to make some concessions. Moreover, I think, that some followers of this North Korean socialism could say that Kim Jong-un is the betrayer of the Juche idea, and they will be partially right. But Kim Jong-un showed himself up as a more flexible and more advanced politician than president Donald Trump and this American team. And now they will try to seize all these “dividends”. Trump says: “I didn’t sacrifice my principles, and Kim Jong-un made concessions”. But it’s not true. Kim Jong-un came back to the negotiating positions which were there before the aggravation of this situation that was provoked by the Americans. And now he just comes back to how it was earlier. That is the first point. The second point. Kim Jong-un began to talk not to the Americans, but to the South Koreans, first of all. And now this dialogue, that was glorified, it’s with South Korea, not with America. And the third point. Trump made concessions. He promised to deliver destruction to North Korea, promised to launch the military operation, but he didn’t do it, he did nothing in this direction. And now he’s trying to pretend… now he enters the negotiations with Kim Jong-un, though he promised to destroy him not long time ago. So, it’s just for fools, that “I didn’t make concessions, and he did”. It’s not clear how this process will develop. But there’s one more interesting thing here. On Friday in negotiating the South Korean and the North Korean leaders declared that they are ready to go along the road of reunification. I wouldn’t be so sure about it, nobody, including Kim Jong-un, will repose power in other hands. But. Concerning reunification. On what principles will it be based? If the reunification begins, then there will be no place for the Americans on the Korean peninsula. It’s important. Concerning the issue, when the Americans say: “we’re at the top of the situation”. Nothing of the kind, gentlemen. You are not at the top of the situation. If the reunification of North and South Korea really begins, you should get out of the Korean peninsula along with your bases.

I mean, why will they be there? They are for the peace there.

Yes, exactly. Because North Korea neither with Kim Jong-un, nor with anybody else won’t settle for the reunification with South Korea where there is the huge American military contingent. It’s clear that this reunification can’t exist on the principles of North Korea, the Juche idea and etc. That’s not happening. But this process poses risk to the Americans. That’s why the American conversation about “everything is okay, we control it”, it’s from evil, too.

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