Kim Jong-un drags the Great America with its face across the dirty table

So, yes, by the way, I think that this is a very important issue. Why? Because money is money, equipment is equipment. But the freedom of inner thought, it gives an opportunity to adopt effective decisions. We have a lack of this freedom of inner thought. Internally we, and this discussion shows it, internally we stay very dependent on this factor. That’s why very often we restrict ourselves in various movements. That’s why we’re trying to be super polite, that’s why we’re waiting for the moment when this President is elected, or the next one, or one more President. Let’s wait, let’s wait. One of the factors, which determine this inner freedom, is also corruption, that was mentioned here. Because many people are tied up in this matter. But still. Overcoming this thing is totally important. Yes, I’m going to give an example, maybe marginal, but still. And now, by the way. As we know, the Winter Olympics are coming, yes. So, in my opinion, Mister Kim Jong-un beat Americans, he’s beating them at this stage. He holds the initiative. Yes, there are a lot of possible undercurrents, intrigues, we don’t know what will happen to him. But he holds the initiative. This small country with none of GDP, with complete emptiness, it holds the initiative.

It’s a shame for the American diplomacy.

Besides, he brought both Koreas together.

He just did such a good job against them. Listen, what he’s doing right now is that he drags the Great America with its face across the table, across the dirty one, covered in mud, left, right, left, right. Why? Because internally he doesn’t have this dependence on Americans, including that money, which he’s connected with, that we have, unfortunately. It…

Although, he got the European education, seemingly.

Including it.

He likes the American basketball.

You know, it’s the same issue, for our intellectuals’ information. Our intellectuals like to say: “You know, the European education and this lifestyle, they give a whole new view of the world.” This man showed you how he with the European education doesn’t sell his country. Yes, he’s a radical politician. Yes, he creates situatuions that are high-risk, even for the world. But excepting this tactical situation, he’s winning now. Look how he made a suggestion to South Korea beyond the Americans.

Sergey, do you realize what they’re going to tell you? “Miheev wants Russia to turn into North Korea”. I clearly see the title.

Vladimir, it’s a great, great title for YouTube. I don’t refuse it. It’s just an example of inner freedom. Look, what he has done. He’s not only playing a round beyond the Americans, but he’s stealing South Korea in front of them. South Korea wants the Olympics to take place. And what is the way to do it? North Korea offer this way. Let’s do it like that.

And here WADA appears and says: “We should check North Korean athletes. Where are test tubes?”
Listen, he just… I’m sorry, but our politicians should take a lesson from him. He raised the bar of tension incredibly. And then he said: “Let’s be friends. But without them. Without those who are overseas.” and etc.

The great mystery of raising zombies is also belonging to him. Because there will be a singer at the Olympics, who was buried by all the Western media as executed with a large-caliber machine gun. Suddenly she came to life and she will sing.

Listen, Vladimir, esteemed colleagues. Mister Kim Jong-un. He’s not so old. He’s in the country, which is hardly seen. He beat them all. Right now he beat them all. By the way, in your studio here’s an American named Grigory, who swore that the Americans would kill Kim Jong-un before Christmas, and Christmas has passed both theirs and ours, I don’t know if any Christmas didn’t passed, or before the Olympics. So, nothing will happen. Nothing will happen. And he’s beating them. Why? Because he has inner freedom. He isn’t connected to the myths that he imagined himself.

Is it possible to be inner free, but also let your people live freely, and under not as terrible conditions as in North Korea?

Hold on, hold on. Of course, it’s a marginal example. But it’s all about the art of politics.

So, you shouldn’t give such examples.

Why not? The examples should be various.

This is the art of politicians, including our ones, who should find acceptable, working compromise in these tough conditions, but not drift for what they offer you as a road. They offer you this option – you follow it. Then, when you reach an impasse, you complain about something.
I think, we know what happens when we agree.


It’s more hurtful, and they take everything anyway.
So, about economic mobilization, what I talked about. A sort of mobilization, corresponding current tough situation, more difficult than it was some time ago, it is necessary, of course. Economic mobilization, political one, ideological one, and etc. It’s not about to get your country to North Korea’s state. No. It’s about to get rid of those inner hangups, which we created ourselves, and it helps us to make more effective decisions.

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