American cowboy rapes Europe which is scared to resist

We should change the topic.

Yes, of course.

Everything’s clear with Ukraine.

Merkel arrived in Sochi. Angela Merkel. It’s reported what was discussed. It was discussed with Vladimir Putin, particularly the USA pulling out of the Comprehensive Plan of Action…


JCPOA. I don’t remember the first word. The Comprehensive Plan of Action. And I forgot the first word. Its meaning.

Maybe agreement…

Probably. Well, they discussed these questions. Besides, the Ukrainian issue is on the agenda. Middle East – it’s about Iran. Of course, there is an issue towards the USA which began to put pressure on “Nord Stream 2”. Actually, we’re not surprised…

They never stopped putting pressure. And concerning Merkel’s visit in Sochi. Merkel came in Russia, and not just in Russia, but to Putin, and not only to Putin, but exactly in Sochi, which became significant for us. It’s concerning the global isolation. We have such “isolation” when Merkel arrived in Sochi and in late May Macron will come to the Economic Forum. St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This is the “isolation” that we have. And absolutely everyone doesn’t want to communicate with us. Declines to shake hands and doesn’t want to talk to us. We’re isolated. But honestly, I don’t believe my eyes. I’m looking at Merkel on TV now. Merkel stands at the press conference with Vladimir Putin. It would be very interesting for me to understand what they have been discussing there, because it’s obvious that the current situation is the zero hour for Europe. They’re becoming more and more suppressed. They’re more and more pressed, their arms are twisted. At some point in 2014 the Europeans accommodated the Americans and probably they thought: “it’s concerning Russia, you know. Okay, we’ll sacrifice our interests because it’s impossible to watch Russia taking Crimea and supporting Donetsk and Luhansk. It’s unbearable to watch this. And anyway, this is Russia. It’s always been bad. Okay, let’s go. Let’s put the lid on our own desires just for Russia, more correctly because of Russia and for our common interests. It’s okay”. And the naive Europeans believed that it was just an exceptional situation. But in fact, years passed, and everything happening now, which is clearly another pressure splash on Europe, it shows that the Americans are just searching for a cause to: a) not just to retain their control over Europe, but to increase control over them, despite the objective absence of threat for Europe; b) to increase the control in prejudice of the European interests. This is not a one-time situation with Russia. And this is not a one-time situation with Iran. This is system policy of the USA towards Europe. Despite the absence of any external threat and the fake Russian threat, according to the USA, Europe shouldn’t, doesn’t have a right and won’t be an independent geopolitical economic area. It should always be dependent on the USA in military, political and economical terms. It should be an appendant of the American economy in this Euro-Atlantic partnership. And the current situation shows it. This was not a one-time situation with Russia. And now it’s not a one-time situation with Iran. It’s a system. It’s the USA strategy towards Europe – strangulation in their arms. Europe shouldn’t be independent. Finally, the European leaders begin to understand it. It’s very strange that they haven’t understood it earlier. Although they had some discussions, but they have never done anything towards it. But it’s obvious that the USA keeps Europe down. They keep down. By the way, the current situation in the European Union also keeps Europe down, when the American allies are incorporated in the EU. When the EU expanded, following the results of the USSR collapse, they probably didn’t think that it would be like this. But it became like this. Now within the EU there are some former Soviet Union states and the former states of the Eastern bloc, which try to carry on the pro-American position and don’t let the core Europe, which “feed” the whole EU including these spongers in the countries of Eastern Europe… they don’t let the core Europe conduct independent policy. And now this hour of reckoning draws near, when it’s becoming clear what is useful and what’s not. They make a display of the EU, but in fact both the EU internal problems and the Euro-Atlantic solidarity impede the Europe progress and keep down some European countries and the European Union in general. Of course, it’ll be very interesting to know what Merkel and Putin were talking about. I think that they still don’t have the guts for the self-activity. Now they started to speak high and tough. It is true. But at the same time, they begin to weasel out, having some space for a policy stroke. Macron says: “of course, the fact that the USA pulled out of the deal with Iran is a mistake, but let’s make a new deal which will include missiles and delivery systems”. Excuse me, but it still means pulling out of the old deal. That is the first point. And it means new terms and restrictions for Iran, which were not discussed at the United Nations forums when they were added. Merkel says as well: “the USA encroaches on our security, our independence and we won’t accept it”. But at the same time, she offers the next standing to the Americans – the standing of the victim. “Okay, Americans, we’ll consider, even if it’s unprofitable for us, we’ll try to buy your liquid gas in bulk, but please abolish a duty on aluminium and steel”. This is real arm-twisting. It’s a loser’s position. Imagine, some bullies come to you and say: “I’ll twist your neck now. You’re dead. Prepare for the death. Where’s a hat? No hat? I give you 5 minutes to get a hat. No hat? You’re making me very angry”. And this potential victim weasels out and says: “Let me do something… Don’t hurt me. Let me do this and you’ll hurt me a little or won’t hurt me at all”. Merkel is in such a position now. Because America is just blackmailing them. Blackmailing them in a caddish way.

They have many points for blackmailing.

Yes. And now it’s an hour of reckoning for Europe about whether they could realise everything and do something on their own. Because if they don’t do anything, the Americans will twist their arms and make them buy their liquid gas at unfavourable prices and they’ll reason it by some fake threat, for example. Or they’ll do something else, make them buy their shale oil. And enslave them forever. This is a really important moment for Europe. When this game of the Euro-Atlantic blindly agreeing catches them up. When nobody threatens Europe. I’ll say once again, and yesterday I said it, that it’s paradoxical that the European politicians were more independent when the threat was real. When did the Soviet gas appear in Europe? At the height of the cold war. And then Europe had the guts to take the settlement “gas in exchange for pipe-lines, and pipe-lines in exchange for gas”. And nothing could scare them. And they reached a compromise. And when the threat disappeared, when they mired in their new values and in their idle talk about the European values and the EU, when they mired in the necessity of coordinating actions with many countries joined the EU, they completely lost their personality. They lost the ability to look after their own interests and do something. Only idle chatter. And look how easily the Americans make them go against themselves. And this is the core Europe which took over the world at some time, and by the way, the colony of whom the American continent was some time ago. They can do nothing. Nothing. Of course, it’ll be interesting to know what Merkel and Putin were talking about. But I think… And I’d rather be wrong. But I think that Europe isn’t ready for tough actions. Not for tough actions; we don’t need them to look after our interests. They aren’t ready for any decisive actions to defend themselves. By the way, we told them. We didn’t tell, we discussed that Europe would reach that point. We were often told: “No, you don’t understand, this would never happen”. We said that Europe would reach that point for sure. And they reach that point when you become independent or you are dependent on the USA forever, although there is no any threat. And concerning the threat. Remember, how was the sanctions package on Ukraine imposed. The Malaysian airliner was shot down. And there is still no outcome of the investigation. So, probably, if Europe is obstinate, we could see another provocation. A plane will crash.

God forbid!

Or any chemical warfare. Or somebody will be killed somewhere. Or something else will happen that let run a promotional campaign, new informational campaign with the European people and the European politicians crying. And in this context, they will say: “how dare you, what’s to think about when the world is in danger. You should be on the American hook”. They can easily raise this question. They’ll say that it’s impossible. Here’s a more specific issue, “Nord Stream 2”. The Americans come over to the unrelenting pressure on Germany and an attempt of its buying on the issue of “Nord Stream 2”. “Nord Stream 2” is very profitable for Germany and the German economy, because it becomes the center of distribution and sale of the Russian gas across Europe, at least across its substantial part. It’s enormous profit. Enormous profit, especially if it lasts over time. And now Donald Trump begins to twist Germany’s arms.

The extension of the anti-Russian sanctions towards the “Nord Stream 2” project and all the German companies working there.

Yes. They twist the German arms and put pressure on them in such an unceremonious way. Because the soft measures of pressure were brought earlier, but Germany pretended they didn’t notice it. Now the Americans will bring harsh forms of pressure and so called “breaking ribs”. It’s very obvious. Do you know what the Americans offer in return? They say: “Let’s get Germany the center of distribution, but not of the Russian pipeline gas, but of the American liquid gas”.

They’re going to bring liquid gas.

The American liquid gas. And the fact that it’s more difficult, more expensive and less profitable, these are costs of the Euro-Atlantic solidarity. And now they will place Merkel in this dilemma, this ultimatum. And I don’t rule out that a provocation can appear just to help in making a decision. Easily. Something might drown now or explode in the Baltic Sea, for example. Or in Ukraine or somewhere else. Something that Russia will be accused of and they tell the Germans: “How dare you cooperate with this country?!” Because all the spurious chemical war fares, poisoned and come alive Skripals, crashed Boeings. All this wasn’t investigated, and it still isn’t investigated now. Nothing changes. Year after year, one provocation follows the other, and all these put aside and remain not investigated. And it happens although the Europeans and the Americans have such technological capacity. Can you believe it? I can’t.

The US State Department declared that the USA was against “Nord Stream 2” because they thought that its installation could cause the European dependence on the Russian gas. And because of this project Russia would get an opportunity to install equipment for tracking along the pipeline.

You see what are they driving at? Total crap. In the Soviet times when there was the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, such a menace didn’t exist, but now it appeared. The Americans, directly and in a sadistic way, make a mock of the whole world and, first of all, of their own allies. They understand well that it’s crap, but they say: “You will believe that crap. Yes, it’s crap. But this is our crap, so you’ll pretend like this is not crap, but sensible things”. It’s like a rape. Just political and economic rape. And Europe is silent, afraid of moving, it’s scared. “I’d rather be raped, and maybe hacked in pieces then. It’s okay, because it’s scary”. And this fear is in their heads because in fact there is no menace for Europe. It’s the situation when inner dependence makes you weak. When fear paralyzes. For example, some scums accosted you on the street or something like that. Or harassment, for example. When a person is intimidated and deprived of his will to resist. This is what happened to Europe now. By the way, I associate it also with the new generation of politicians conditioned by the new values. They’re mired in distortion that’s why they are not capable of assertive policy. They have another stand – it’s passive. Their stand is passive. It’s like “relax and try to enjoy”. That’s what Europe recommends to itself. “So, what that the Americans cowboys are raping me, it’s okay, I’ll relax and pretend like I’m fine. And then I’ll try to forget it”. That’s what is happening to Europe. But Europe can’t admit it to itself, it’s paralyzed by terror. And it’s strange because it is only in their heads. Why? Because there’s no any Russian menace. And the talks about the fact that there’s poisoned gas inside a pipeline or there will be a tracking system – it’s nonsense, total crap. Just total crap. Because the Germans are building this pipeline as well. They have all the control means to check everything they want. But they tolerate it, because they’re scared.

In confirmation of your words: The European Union declared determination to open market wider for the American importation to avoid the trade warfare.

Of course, open the wider. All the markets. Open your markets wider and Donald Trump will take slipper to you.

Well, we’ll take a break for the news.

Sergey Alexandrovich, you heard the statement of Vladimir Putin concerning the fact that Russia always considered “Nord Stream 2” as an exclusively economical project implemented by the economic entities. And gas transit across Ukraine will be proceeded after “Nord Stream 2” launching.

They are focused on the Ukrainian issue. But I think that the Ukrainian issue in this case is just a front. You know, the Ukrainians want to see this situation in the sense that the whole West is worried about the Ukrainian interests. In fact, the situation is different. I say one more time: it’s more than just obvious, with Trump it became transparency. They tried to mask it before, but Trump finds no sense in catering to the Europeans. Honestly, he treats them like dirt. He doesn’t care about prevarication and curtsey. The problem is not about Ukraine. The problem is that the Americans want to gain the European gas and oil market, this is the main problem. They want Europe to pay America for gas and oil at an unprofitable price for Europe – that’s what they need.  And Ukraine in this case is “a fig leaf” which they use to cover all their cynical intentions on the ground of the values, freedom, the Russian aggression and etc. This is “a fig leaf” that cover it. It’s comfortable for them because it’s more convenient to justify their intention to rob Europe and to make it buy the American liquid gas even if it’s more expensive and less convenient. By the way, it’s more dangerous ecologically and etc. And Merkel tried to say “no, it’s not against Ukraine, transit across Ukraine will be proceeded”. And now Putin play into her hands, as far as I can see. “Yes, we’ll continue the transit”, although Putin specifies: “if it is profitable”, Putin says.

So, in fact, it’s a business question?

In fact, it will be proceeded till it is profitable for us. As far as I understand, it’s a move for our part and for the German part just to say: “you know, the Ukrainian issue is beside the point, actually. Transit will be proceeded”. By the way, it will be proceeded somehow and the implementation of the “Nord Stream” project has begun before 2014. As usually, we have mosaic thinking. People who have recently got into it, they don’t want to remember even the contemporary history. In fact, the “Nord Stream” project was planned and its implementation began long before 2014. Long before the Maidan, long before the events in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Why was it planned?  Because there always were problems with transit in Ukraine. Under Yanukovych, and under Yushchenko, and under Kuchma, and under Kravchuk. But under Kravchuk there weren’t problems, but under Kuchma, Yushchenko and Yanukovych there were problems, long before Crimea, long before Donbass, long before the Maidan, always problems. And several times by the fault of Ukraine there were troubles with gas supply. And at that time this project was developed. That’s it. That’s why all those discussions about politics, freedom, support for democracy in Ukraine – they are absolutely false, far-fetched. I mean, even when “Nord Stream 2” was planned, even then we said that some volume of gas would be injected through the Ukraine’s gas transportation system anyway. This volume just will be reduced. It’s objective. But some amount will be injected. But just for some time. Why for some time?  Because the Ukraine’s gas transportation system was built a long time ago. It is close to full deterioration of its operational life. As far as I remember, sometime about 2020 the most of this system will be taken out of service, it was built in the Soviet times, and according to the papers it is depleting its operational life.

It should be modernized.

It should be modernized. And that’s lots of money. That’s the point. That’s why it’s silly to promise Europe or Ukraine or someone else to supply gas with their help forever. And the Ukrainian plan was like that. “They will supply, and have no choice, and when the pipe begins to collapse, we will make them repair it”.

It’s a good plan.

Yes, a good plan. “We’ll not lift a finger, but we’ll make the Russians by some political ways supply gas with our help forever. We’ll raise money and make them modernize it”. Such a great plan!  But it doesn’t work, that’s why “Nord Stream 2” annoys so much, but now Putin and Merkel are trying to obscure the Ukrainian issue. Because, and I say it again, it’s just a front, a front for the American way of the gas market invasion in Europe, then maybe the oil market, if it happens. That’s the point. And Ukraine is just “a fig leaf”. And I assure you, if tomorrow everybody refuses to build “Nord Stream 2” and says: “let’s pump gas through Ukraine, let’s modernize the Ukrainian system” and etc. The Americans would still be against it. They will take a break and then find a way to make up why Europe has to buy this particular American liquid gas. That’s the point. I understand this game concerning Ukraine. For some time, the gas transit will be proceeded, but soon or late it will be over, because there are no volunteers to invest into modernization of this pipe. No volunteers. And Ukraine won’t do it on its own: they are not able, don’t want to, or can’t – it doesn’t matter.  In fact, the situation is like this, and Ukraine is in the background.

By the way, in the media there are some updates towards the rapprochement between Russia and Germany. They say that it becomes possible and everybody thanks Donald Trump, he’s pulling out of the deal with Iran. And Agency France Press predicts that interlocutors will discuss the urgent issue concerning Iran and Ukraine – they talk about Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel. And the critical breakdown of confidence between the USA and Europe can contribute to it. So, everybody notes that, and you described it in a simple way and the journalists call it the critical breakdown of confidence between the USA and Europe.

Critical, the most critical.

And now the USA and Europe play on this crisis to reach out to Russia.

No, that’s thing: there’s no need to rush. A lot of our journalists are like that Chukchi man in the anecdote: I sing of what I see. “Today Merkel arrived in Sochi – so we’ll talk about the rapprochement between Russia and Germany, tomorrow she’ll leave Sochi – we’ll talk about the fact that the rapprochement didn’t work”.

Now it’s distance, cooldown.

And the speculative manner of information submission. It’s connected both to the incompetence and colossal haste: who will be the first in making a title, without any in-depth content understanding. The point is: in fact, here’s no any sudden rapprochement between Russia and Germany. The Merkel’s visit, although I talked about that there was an isolation, this visit doesn’t approve it. It approves that there are some processes, and these processes are long-term and differently directed, and they often conflict with one another. So, on the one hand, there’s a process concerning the Euro-Atlantic solidarity between the USA and Europe: the USA tries to keep a lid on Europe, to put pressure on it using confrontation between the USA and Russia, and using Russia, provoking Russia, blaming Russia without any reason – this is the first process. Another process – the USA pressure objectively contradicts the Europe interests. And the potential of these processes is growing. The conflict potential of these processes is growing. The conflict aspect becomes bigger. It’s unclear whether it leads to the breach or to the major breakthroughs. The potential of these processes is growing, at different times we see some evidence of them. On the one hand, Merkel went to Washington, and now she’s arrived in Sochi to Putin. There are two processes. They contradict each other. But it doesn’t mean that everything will suddenly change. This consolidation of Russia and Germany always scared the Anglo-Saxon world. It’s true. There’s conspiracy theory a little, but it’s true. That’s what happened. And some people see one of the main reasons of First World War and the Second World War in it. “The global backstage played off Russia and Germany against each other. As a result – both Germany and Russia are destroyed”. But I think these conclusions are a bit false when they are made post factum. Objectively, it’s not profitable for the Americans to have independent Europe, and of course, big independent on the American influence Eurasia.

Well, Sergey Alexandrovich, we’ll have the news now: and we got a newsflash – Vladimir Putin gave flowers to Angela Merkel.


Finally, she got flowers: cream roses, freesias and other flowers of pastel colours.

Let’s discuss it.

We’ll take a break, listen to the weather forecast.


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